Importance of Oil Change – Opinions by Taylor Auto Care Experts

Importance of Oil Change – Opinions by Taylor Auto Care Experts

Engine oil is like blood for a car and holds particular importance in the process of vehicle maintenance. Often car owners put off or forget the task as it is usually not needed for months. If you have no oil in your engine, the metal parts will rub together and create a friction that ultimately damages the performance. Oil change in Taylor, MI, is a relatively quick and easy process that your vehicle needs for optimum functions. Good, clean oil improves the performance and extends the life of your vehicle.

What Does Engine Oil Do?

To understand the value and importance of engine oil change, we have first to understand the function of engine oil. Experts of auto repair in Taylor, MI explain that every engine needs oil to function correctly, but not just any ordinary oil. Every engine has its requirements when it comes to engine oil type. Base oils either conventional, synthetic, blend or high-mileage are the backbone of the lubricant that finishes in your engine. An automobile has many moving parts like pistons, connecting rods and cylinders that rub together and create friction for heat energy. Engine oil creates lubrication that absorbs the heat emitted and lets the parts work seamlessly without overheating. Over time, the engine oil becomes less effective and loses its ability to lubricate the engine. You engine needs a change of oil, or else it suffers friction damage or overheating, compromising its performance.


How Often Do I Need Oil Changed?

One of the most fundamental aspects of Taylor auto care is a frequent oil change schedule for smooth engine performance. Additionally, your engine needs more frequent oil changes as it ages, drives in extreme climates or increases in mileage. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend an oil change after every 3000 miles. Manufacturers of vehicles suggest a more extended time duration like 5000 miles and sometimes 10,000 miles (if you use synthetic oils). As the need for oil change becomes different with time, you may wait too long during intervals, even if on the right schedule.


Ultimately, the need for an oil change in Taylor, MI depends on the make, model, year and other specifics of your vehicle. Besides mileage, certain other factors also compel an owner to undergo engine oil change. These include:

  • Short trips of 5 miles or lower
  • Driving in a scorching, cold or dusty climate
  • Frequent stops and go
  • Carrying heavy load or towing another vehicle/trailer

Older cars need an oil change based on their mileage and have a maintenance schedule based on the number of miles drives. Modern models have oil indication systems that let you know the time you need and oil change. Make a habit of checking the oil stick for color or stickiness that indicates when the need for an oil change is near.


Signs of Oil Change by Professionals of Auto Repair in Taylor, MI

  • Oil Change Light

It is the most prominent indication of a much-needed oil change. The oil monitoring system of modern cars can indicate when the oil has started to degrade. Check the dipstick to see whenever the indication occurs. Oil indication illuminates when there is not enough oil in the system. In some cases, the check light illuminates, which means that your engine condition has become so bad you need an immediate oil change in Taylor, MI, or risk damages to engine parts.

  • Dark Oil

Fresh engine oil has an amber color that becomes dark with time due to particles in the engine. The indication is not very obvious as to when it occurs, so one has to remain vigilant. Regularly checking the dipstick will give you an idea about when the color starts to change and needs replacement. To find out the color, take out the dipstick and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Dip it again in the engine, and if you cannot see the stick through the color, it is time for a change.

  • Engine Knocking and Overheating

Low level of engine oil leaves less lubrication on engine parts that start to rub together. The rubbing creates excessive heat that causes knocking sounds and overheating. With engine knocking, black smoke from exhaust air also indicates you need an oil change in Taylor, MI, Immediately.

Final Word

Properly lubricated engine keeps the performance and life expectancy to the maximum. A timely oil change is a straightforward and simple activity that saves you from considerable damage later. Take the above points in the notice and have the oil changed promptly.

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