Tips for Car Care: Indications of Brake Failure

Tips for Car Care Indications of Brake Failure

Maintaining your vehicle regularly is a factor that keeps it safe. Every maintenance session from a quality service enhances its life manifold. Vehicles are just like machines that need constant care and considerations to perform optimally. Although keeping every part of your car in top condition is essential, brakes need special focus to keep functioning. Brakes are a vital safety feature, so having acquaintance with your brake system is a priority. Every professional Taylor auto service emphasis on keeping your brakes fully-functional to ensure maximum safety during a drive. Brake damage or failure can cause numerous problems for safety on the road. Some common culprits for brake failure can be improper maintenance, worn brake pads or low levels of fuel.

You have a brake failure if you hear a strange knocking sound or noticeable differences in performance during driving. You need to take immediate actions to mitigate them and keep your most important safety function in proper condition. Midas brakes and auto professionals have listed some warning signs that you should not ignore.


Warning Signs of Brake Failure

  • Vibration or Squealing When Applying Brakes

Feeling the vibration on pedal or steering is a common sign of brake failure which occur due to unevenly operating rotors. With time and thousands of turns, the condition of rotors diminishes or has corrosion’s. Midas Taylor auto repair experts plaster and flatten the rotors during maintenance activity to keep the rotors conditional. Similarly, damaged rotors may also cause squealing noise that indicates they need maintenance. Consider this as a vital problem as rotors play an essential role in your safety and require close attention as other brake problems.

Another cause of vibration or squealing due to improper functioning of caliper brakes. Caliper brakes keep the brakes on and prevent them from hitting the rotors, using a piston for the activity. Sometimes due to road debris or earing from heat, the piston may malfunction. Subsequent cause of vibration and noise can also occur due to improper mounting of nuts and bolts. Loose mounts create quick malfunctioning in brakes. In short, do not ignore throbbing, knocking or squealing sounds whenever you apply the brakes.


  • Leaking Fluid

Never, under any circumstance, neglect fluid leakage. If you notice any fluid or liquid on the ground while your vehicle remains stationary, have it checked out immediately. Leaking fluid can have multiple causes like leakage in radiator, oil, brake fluid or gear oil etc. In case of brakes, auto repair experts state that leakage causes wear on brake pads or hydraulic system problems. An easy way to check for fluid leakage is to keep a piece of cloth or cardboard underneath the vehicle overnight. If you notice any liquid, take it to Midas Taylor auto service for immediate diagnoses and action. Do not let fluid leakage happen too often, and have it refilled as soon as your vehicle indicates.


  • Inability to Stop Quickly

The most dangerous sign of brake failure is when your vehicles refuse to stop even after applying full brakes. An increased stopping distance may indicate worn out pads or rotors (for disc brakes). Worn out pads or discs eliminates friction with the caliper that creates an inability to stop on time. Experts at Midas brakes and auto repair look between the pins to see the shiny metal rotor, which has brake pads and calipers located. They recommend replacing brake pads if they seem thinner than a quarter inch.


  • Unstable Brake Pedal

If you notice instability of brake pedal when you apply, it indicates that the pads or rotors have suffered damage. Another cause is moisture in the brake system that in turn damages the cylinder, causing leakage. Take your vehicle to Midas Taylor auto repair for immediate examination and maintenance before it damages your brake system completely.


Other Indication

  • Burning smell that indicates the brakes have jammed
  • Brake light indication
  • Car deflection while breaking
  • Odd noises and irregular feeling

Final Word

The points mentioned above are the warning signs that indicate a failure in the brake system. Have a Midas Taylor auto service professional to check and take necessary measures to restore the functionality of your brakes. Never ignore any of these warning signs as they may pose a significant threat to safety for you and the passengers. If you notice anything on the road, remain calm, pull your car to the side and call for help.

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